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Brick and mortal stores are lagging behind ecommerce being at the very beginning of digital transformation. They are missing actionable information and insights enabling them to fully understand and optimize business processed in order to improve competitive position.

  • Monitor the stock throughout the supply chain – from production through delivery- to arrival in store to decrease costs
  • Take stock automatically and more frequently to control levels, including the top-selling items in the “hot” zones
  • Get advice on replenishing the sold items with the best-sellers or size-colour combinations
Increase margin

50% growth after deploying RFID

Improve inventory accuracy

min 20% growth after deploying RFID

Improve customer satisfaction

+11% after deploying RFID

Reduce out-of-stock

-40% after deploying RFID

Reduce loses

-30% decrease after deploying RFID

Big data revolution in retail

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