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We strengthen manufacturing through real-time tracking, location and monitoring

Increasing costs of operations forced manufactures to search for the solution enabling optimization. RFID deployment and adoption within supply chain became a cost saving solution and a solid foundation for intelligent monitoring systems providing detail tracing functionalities at any stage of the processes. Heat, cold, pressure, moisture resistance of the RFID tags allows usage of the RFID tracking within almost any type of manufacturing.

  • Equipping, picking, rotation, replenishment, allocation – accurate information about your stock levels
  • Savings cost of the inventory
  • Effectiveness – elimination of inaccuracies of readings caused by human error
Real-time data

Real-time Inventory Tracking of components and finished goods to manage the stock level and schedule production.


Actual visibility of all operations and continuous data flow for processes optimization.


Waste level monitoring at any stage of the production which increase the profitability of the production.


Reducing transport costs by implementing real time RFID data into JIT inventory management strategies.

Improving management

Staff tracking and management within the whole facility and defined zones vs. production processes.


Integrate RFID data within central management systems.

Big data revolution in manufacturing

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