ProxiTrak for Healthcare

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We strengthen healthcare through real-time tracking, location and monitoring

Proxi cloud and real time IoT RFID data availability allow to optimize costs of the hospital management and mitigate any risks related to handling the patients within the facilities. RFID passive tags allow to track patients any time and at any place within the hospital – such approach allows to improve patients comfort and satisfaction by reducing waiting time thanks to staffing optimization.

  • Real-time monitoring of hospital resources, locating wheelchairs and beds for patients
  • Safety – alerts informing about device maintenance
  • Saving hours of inventory – saving several hours per month
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Using Proxi Cloud API enable easy data exchange with any Hospital Information System without the need of duplicating the reporting or costly and long-lasting integrations.

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Real time asset tracking enables processes synchronisation against actual patients throughput making the costs manageable within any medical procedure and increasing hospital ultimate profitability.

Improving management

Any exceptions can be instantly identified and managed before they become the real risk.

Big data revolution in Healthcare

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Aleksandra Sękowska
Chief Operating Officer