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We strengthen healthcare through real-time BI tracking, location and monitoring

Proxi cloud and real time IoT RFID data availability allow to optimize costs of the hospital management and mitigate any risks related to handling the patients within the facilities. RFID passive tags allow to track patients any time and at any place within the hospital – such approach allows to improve patients comfort and satisfaction by reducing waiting time thanks to staffing optimization.

  • Real-time monitoring of hospital resources, locating wheelchair, beds and other devices for patients and staff
  • Safety – alerts informing about device, patient or staff location
  • Saving hours of inventory – reduce painful hours of search daily, monthly and annually
  • Real-time monitoring of hospital resources, locating wheelchairs and beds for patients
  • Safety – alerts informing about device maintenance
  • Saving hours of inventory – saving several hours per month

UHF RFID wrist bands ensures safety through point-of-monitoring scanning which allows data traversal of a patient’s medication type, amount and scheduling, patient's comprehensive medical history. A single scan can detect numerous errors allowing for early detection prognosis.

Quality Control

Facilitates quality assurance in the organ donor processes. RFID labels attached to corpses in Medical Examiner offices allows for comprehensive historical records accessible to specialist who perform transplants.

Error Resolution

Effective tracking instruments and equipment associated with surgical procedures, both large and small. Ensures proper accounting for instruments and equipment, but also ensures nothing is left inside the patient during surgery -- from a simple sponge to a clamp.

Inventory Control

Ensure 24 hour control of inventory for any and all critical medical devices. With ProxiTrak you can be certain that medical supplies including prescription drugs are ordered, sorted and tracked via RFID, ensuring more reliable flows and positive results.

Big data revolution in Healthcare

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