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We connect assets, people and locations in True Real Time

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What we do?

We track, locate, monitor and solve the problem of the lack of visibility in asset management

ProxiTrak Platform is delivering RFID as a Service, model highly desired by the industry to many vertical markets. Real time tags and sensors tracking, virtual 3D environment and unique cloud architecture make our platform a real disruptive technology accelerating Industry 4.0 revolution.

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Internet of Things Software made simple!

Stop wasting valuable time, money and resources. Let’s now look into
a more effective solution: ProxiTrak



Upload your buildings floorplan and receive 3D FloorPlan Trancking Solution for connected devices.



Click, drag and save functionality maximizing inventory accuracy. No coding or technical skills required.



View, monitor and survelliance your inventory immediately. Gain a faster return on investment.

ProxiTrak aims to unlock new opportunities within Industry 4.0
ProxiTrak aims to unlock new opportunities within Industry 4.0

We run installation, deployment, integration and metric verification
in terms of hours and days*

*not weeks and months


True Real Time

Data availability is a breakthrough feature, which has been unlocked thank to the direct-to-the-cloud data streaming. No more bottleneck coming from the RFID readers and no more point in time data. Accuracy of 99 % with no delays.

Universal API

Universal API allows quick and easy integration with 3rd parties software like CRM, ERP and any custom solution. Real time accurate data can be easily embedded within any business process allowing to measure any required KPI and take all actions required for business optimization.

Virtual Live Site Survey

Virtual Live Site Survey brings down the cost of IoT of RFID deployments even up to 85%. ProxiTrak allows to configure and manage whole hardware from dedicated CAD software.

Plug & Play

It is enough to mount the hardware and connect all components to the cloud. Rest is being done within the software layer significantly reducing efforts required to deploy whole RFID system. Regardless of the number of locations, all hardware components are being managed within single platform.


System is easily scalable with no loss in service when altering infrastructures.

Big data revolution
within different vertical markets