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What we do?

We track, locate, monitor and solve the problem of the lack of visibility in asset management

Synchronizes data communications between assets, eliminating human error and allowing faster and more efficient decision-making based on real-time data. Simplifying and improving deployment and maintenance process of Industrial IoT system cost-effectively.

How we do it?

ProxiTrak is an industrial-level asset location, surveillance and monitoring software suite

It allows businesses full creative control by allowing the creation, recursive modification and optimization of a virtual RFID tracking infrastructure. The Computer Aided Design (CAD) of the live virtual site survey template is a visual representation of your RFID tracking domain. This template serves as the backbone for a virtual site survey which is rendered live to present real-time tag, data, events, actions and transitions globally that is not point-in-time discovery (PITD).

Creating a digital twin of your building.
Our technology builds your virtual infrastructure and synchronizes it with your real-world infrastructure. ProxiTrak gives you complete control over modelling your IoT environment via CAD-design. Digital twin of your building will be a powerful mastermind to enhance performance, with the most advanced monitoring, analytical, and predictive capabilities.

Optimize and change your tracking environment with no loss of service.
Your business changed, so does your RFID solution. Refine, customize, and improve any trackable areas. The ability to adjust your tracking environment, to compensate for interference, hinderances, and pitfalls, at any time.

View, monitor and surveilance assets any time, anywhere, in real-time in the cloud.
Enjoy real-time monitoring of asset location and inventories. View a complete, detailed inventory of all assets or track the movements of a single asset. Analyse trends, predict, and use real time data to enhance your operations, services and drive the innovation of your business.


Scheduled automation

Zone identification

Movement events

Sensor data


ProxiTrak Platform


Transition analysis

Dedicated reports



We run installation, deployment, integration and metric verification
in terms of hours and days*

*not weeks and months


True Real Time

Data availability is a breakthrough feature, which has been unlocked thank to the direct-to-the-cloud data streaming. No more bottleneck coming from the RFID readers and no more point in time data. Accuracy of 99 % with no delays.

Universal API

Universal API allows quick and easy integration with 3rd parties software like CRM, ERP and any custom solution. Real time accurate data can be easily embedded within any business process allowing to measure any required KPI and take all actions required for business optimization.

Virtual Live Site Survey

Virtual Live Site Survey brings down the cost of IoT of RFID deployments even up to 85%. ProxiTrak allows to configure and manage whole hardware from dedicated CAD software.

Plug & Play

It is enough to mount the hardware and connect all components to the cloud. Rest is being done within the software layer significantly reducing efforts required to deploy whole RFID system. Regardless of the number of locations, all hardware components are being managed within single platform.


System is easily scalable with no loss in service when altering infrastructures.

Current methods
ProxiTrak Solutions

Costly and timely site surveys that require multiple personnel

Site surveys, installation, deployment, integration and metric verification in terms of hours and days not weeks and months

RF coverage, data rates, signal obstruction and antenna RSSI analysis is time consuming and costly process

RF coverage, data rates, signal obstruction, antenna RSSI analysis is automated and provided by the software

Inability to perform scheduled real-time inventories

Automatic alerts notify you of specific events that occur in your tracking process

Not true real-time data; long lead time from analysis to decision

True Real time data; provides more accurate and quick decision making

Inability to aggregate and display global co-located data from a single location

Combine all global RFID/IoT data under one location – ProxiCloud umbrella

Inability to negotiate infrastructure changes quickly

Promotes cost effective processes

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Aleksandra Sękowska
Chief Operating Officer