ProxiTrak for Logistic & Supply Chain

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We enhance efficiencies, provide real-time data to reduce risk and ensure compliance, and full end-to-end visibility of your asset management

Containers, pallets, boxes and equipment gains a visibility regardless of the geographical locations. Such approach allows effective transport planning and coordination according to the real asset flow. Materials and spare parts can be reported and planned according to actual stock level and forecasted usage without the need keeping overstocks. Secure cloud and unique platform architecture meet all requirements set for IT systems by the logistics sectors.

Easy integration

Proxi API allows easy integration with WMS / TMS and ERP systems without any need for either software replacement.

Assets tracking

Assets tracking make sure that all company resources are being used in the most effective ways and with the elimination of ineffective runs.

Single view

Integration possibility for data coming from many different geographical locations allows to create a single view for the whole environment bringing logistic management to the next level.

Immediately react

With the real time data being provided by Proxi, logistic companies can manage and immediately react to any changes within the process.

Big data revolution in Logistic & Supply Chain

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