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What is Proxilab?

Research & Development for the future

Experience Industry 4.0

  • Proxilab is a leading RFIDIoT and Big Data, R & D demonstration laboratory  located in Wroclaw, Poland where businesses, universities, researchers, students and  partners can come to experience the future development of RFID and IoT systems from different applications and devices as they apply to vertical markets.
  • Proxilab provides real-world scholar-practitioner approach unlocking future Industry 4.0 capabilities in the realm of CAD RFID, IoT and Big Data.
  • Proxilab tests and demonstrates interoperability, conformity, load and security tests of RFID, IoT and Big Data solutions
  • Proxilab is available for rent. VR, AR, Robotics, RFID and IoT devices are just a few item available which can be used for research.
  • Schedule a demonstration or renting appointment of RFID, IoT and Big Data in our laboratory for a real-world Industry 4.0 experience.

Pushing boundaries in the research and development of RFID & IoT controlled robotics software

Big Data

Innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning research and development to gain greater insights into Big Data

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Developing new Virtual & Augmented Reality RFID, IoT and Big Data using various VR and AR devices shaping the future.


Advancing the capabilities of RFID and IoT networking technologies to better serve the Industry 4.0 requirements of the future.


Proactive development and long term research of laser driven 3D CAD as it applies to RFID and IoT


R & D to ascertain the effects of attacks on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data stored on sensors.

R& D For Industry 4.0

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Chief Engineer Krystian Marecki