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What is a Live Site Survey?

Proxitrak©'s precise computer-aided design (CAD) can create two or three-dimensional (2D/3D) graphical representations of any conceptual, virtual and physical RFID layouts.

ProxiTrak CAD Virtual-to-live Site Survey

Let's face it. No one knows your business model, goals and strategy better than you: the client. So it only makes sense to let you drive your RFID system layout design. Why waste money on having consultants drive your design criteria when you can have a software system at your fingertips that will allow you full creative control of your RFID layout? By creating your own layout designs you transform your supply chain, organization or department into your exact conceptual idea in which only you know best to meet your needs.

Adapt to changes

ProxiTrak gives you the ability to build of your ideal RFID system site survey and render it live in your operating environment. Because you posses the crucial proprietary knowledge of proper number of devices, access points and infrastructure assets needed you conserve your budget.You also reduce costs incurred to solicit consultants to perform additional site surveys when your business model or environment changes. what you already know. ProxiTrak gives you greater flexibility to make RFID infrastructure design changes without interruptions in service on your live platform.

See ProxiTrak RFID in action

Live Site Survey Preview

The image below shows only the preview of ProxiTrak's Live Site Survey Platform. There are many more features and functionalities that are presented throughout video demonstrations.

ProxiTrak CAD Live Site Survey View Video Demos
View the ProxiTrak CAD Live Site Survey

Click image to Proxitrak's CAD site survey tool.

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