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What is Real-Time Location in the cloud?

From a cloud-hosted web application, ProxiTrak's core functionality provides low-latency, near instantaneous access to RFID tag data globally, anytime and anywhere, to your web browser of choice.

ProxiTrak Cloud-based Real Time Asset Monitoring

ProxiTrak's real-time, cloud-based architecture is tremendously fast. Your RFID device pushes content to connected clients instantly as it iterrogates tags. So unlike many solutions that boast real-time RFID but only deliver within the confines of the reader-tag relationship, ProxiTrak's desktop application component stand out by pushing data in real-time, or near real-time, globally, regardless or your location, through a cloud-backed process.

View locations of your assets globally

This means that you can have a tracking environment in Paris and view actual live transitions, surveillance, track, and manage your assets in New York simply by viewing our web application in your web browser. By receiving important information about your assets in real-time globally, you greatly improve the decision making process because you will always be in the know, with locations changes being visible literally within seconds after they occur.

See ProxiTrak RFID's Real-Time, Cloud-based Asset locator in action

Real-Time Location in the Cloud Preview

The image below shows only the preview of ProxiTrak's Real-Time Location Platform. There are many more features and functionalities that are presented throughout video demonstrations.

ProxiTrak CAD Real-Time Location in the Cloud View Video Demos
View ProxiTrak CAD Real-Time Location in the Cloud

Click image to see RFID asset monitoring in the cloud.

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