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What is Live Site Survey Optimizer?

No need for third party measuring devices and tools because ProxiTrak provides the means for you to measure and optimize your tracking area RFID radio signals at any distance in all directions

Design First Infrastructure Optimization

Rarely is there a software platform that provides a tool that is designed specifically for site surveying from a pre-existing computer-aided design of your physical domain. ProxiTrak's technological break-through in RFID software provides a management utility that, regardless of the reader, medium, and antenna technology used, allows distance measuring through RSSI (signal strength indicator) and (optional robotics) elevation, rotation and sweep angle alignment functionality.

Refine your Tracking Area

ProxiTrak software will ascertain the obstructions, hinderances, and interference from the walls, doors, metal, EMF, glasses, and other obstacles that either introduce or change the degrees of attenuation affecting your RFID radiation pattern. If you decide to use external consultation to perform your RFID site survey, ProxiTrak software will be instrumental in fostering the examination and recording the crucial areas of the site.

See ProxiTrak RFID Optimizer and related features in action

Live Site Survey Optimizer Preview

The image below shows only the preview of ProxiTrak's Optimizer Platform. There are many more features and functionalities that are presented throughout video demonstrations.

ProxiTrak CAD Live Site Survey Optimizer View Video Demos
View the ProxiTrak CAD Live Site Survey Optimizer

Click image to see the optimizer tool.

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