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What is the Health & Trend Analysis?

ProxiTrak features historical playback animation of historical asset transitions, state changes and alerts.

Historical Asset Tracking Recording and Playback

ProxiTrak© automatically records all tag movements. The time, origin, destination, duration and location are recorded in the database. All your asset movements are organized as a list. All RFID tag movements area available for viewing, analysis and selection for further analysis

Get a historical audit trail of your entire system at a glance

You can select a single asset or an entire group of assets sequences based on time, name, location and dates. You also have multiple ways present your historical routes and paths, either by most recent time or latest and you can select optional map displays of lines such as map points, sequential paths, latest path and current paths. This feature is instrumental in determining bottlenecks, and delays significantly exacerbated by either problems with your RFID infrastructure design or business processes.

See the ProxiTrak RFID In Action

Health & Trend Analysis in the cloud preview

The image below shows only the preview of ProxiTrak's History & Trend Analysis Platform. There are many more features and functionalities that are presented throughout video demonstrations.

ProxiTrak CAD System Health Monitors View Video Demos
View the ProxiTrak History & Trend Analysis

Click image to see an example of historical tag data.

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