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What is the System Health Monitor?

ProxiTrak features an integrated, comprehensive health monitoring system that displays a complete, real-time status overview of the asset tracking infrastructure

ProxiTrak Infrastructure Health Overview

A site survey is useless unless if you can't monitor the accuracy, efficiency or strength of your signals. With the health monitor, you can see, in real-time, the current signal strength status of each reader connected to the selected reader. With this information, you can always be sure that your optimized live site survey is functioning within the boundaries, constraints and rules of your design. Even better, monitor the overall health of your site survey while identifying negative trends.

Know the status of your entire system at a glance

One of ProxiTrak's goals is to empower you, the user, with information that can be used to ultimately maintain and grow your business. With all of this data available to you in real-time, the gap between a powerful, enterprise application and effective infrastructure operation is closed. At any time, from anywhere, potential bottlenecks in performance can be identified and addressed immediately.

See the ProxiTrak RFID Infrastructure Health Overview

Health & Status in the cloud preview

The image below shows only the preview of ProxiTrak's Health & Status Platform. There are many more features and functionalities that are presented throughout video demonstrations.

ProxiTrak CAD System Health Monitors View Video Demos
View the ProxiTrak CAD System Health Monitors

Click image to see monitoring of critical RFID site survey areas.

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