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What is the Intelligent Dashboard?

ProxiTrak's Intelligent Dashboard provides historical information in parallel with live data, data in transit, and predictive analytics, which reduces the timespan from insight to decision

ProxiTrak Intelligent Dashboard

ProxiTrak's Intelligent Dashboard can be considered as an "information at a glance" platform. This is because our dashboard provides an at-a-glance understanding of your assets as associated with RFID tracking and monitoring, with views presented by zones, asset category, and antenna segment. The idea is to provide visualization that drills down into deeper layers of your RFID asst information, allowing you to identify specific problems and opportunities in minutes.

View Metrics, Analytics, and More about your Assets

You can monitor RFID assets, tag data, and transits, conduct risk analyses, and correlate analytic information. Conducive with the ProxiTrak protocol, your dashboards automate presentation based off your specific RFID infrastructure design and business model.

Intelligent Dashboard in the Cloud preview

The image below shows only the preview of ProxiTrak's Dashboard Platform.

ProxiTrak CAD Intelligent Dashboard View Video Demos
View the ProxiTrak CAD Intelligent Dashboard

Click image to see Proxitrak measures real performance.

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